Review: A Good Photography Store?

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The internet has made it feasible for anyone to get what to you want from different parts of the world shipped right to their doorstep. If you are a photographer, or filmmaker living in the US or Europe and you are looking for a site where you can get used gear at affordable rates or sell your own, then this is the review for you.

MPB is a site on the World Wide Web that gives a platform to anyone using camera and related gear a chance to trade in, sell, or buy used equipment.

The primary items listed for sale on this website is camera bodies and their lenses. The operators, however, did not stop there. They avail a host of accessories as well that you may need to either replace your existing one, upgrade, or try it out for the first time.

Some of the accessories that they have listed are; memory cards, tripods, batteries, bags, cases, and straps among many others. Buying new gear is expensive and finding market for your used ones is an uphill task as well and these are among the reasons why MPB has grown in popularity over time among photographers and cinematographers.

MPB avails multiple options that you can fall back on to cut down on your expenditure when buying gear; and increase value when disposing off. There are many merits of transacting with people you find on this website. Some of the pros of using MPB derived from users experience on the site include:

Easy to use

The MPB site is designed with an interface that is interactive and easy to navigate through. The various items on sale are divided into categories and this makes it easy for anyone looking through it to find what they need hassle-free. The camera bodies, for instance, are in one group while the lenses are put in a separate one.

The best-sellers are also listed in a different section of the site as well as the popular brands available. Moving from one section to the next is smooth and even when you are new to the website, you will quickly find your way around. Setting up an account is easy, the shopping process has been simplified, and the checkout is relatively fast.

Secure transactions

Selling items on the internet without a company to oversee the operations is risky and you may end up losing your gear or cash. With MPB, you are able to transact without the fear that you will lose anything. Reading through the terms and conditions alongside the privacy policy gives you the confidence that you are dealing with a legit brand.


You are spoilt for choice when you sign up to the MPB website. The operator works allow items to be listed while in mint condition and all the details regarding any flaws with the equipment are explicitly listed. This aspect makes it easier for you to know what you are buying and if it is worth your money.

Payment methods

Online shopping requires cashier systems that are readily available for you if you are to buy or sell anything. MPB allows its users to use different payment options. Some of those that they allow include digital wallets, debit and credit cards.

PayPal and PayPal Credit are the eWallets allowed while for the credit and debit card option you can use Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Switch and Solo cards. Refunds, however, are made through Direct Bank Transfers. Read through the policy MPB has on international transactions of this nature.

Customer support

Reviews from many previous users indicate that the customer support staff at MPB id top-notch and they are available to offer assistance to users when they need it. The FAQs section of the site is also laden with information on the site and the various functions that users will get to interact with.

How does MPB work?

If you are trading in your old equipment for an upgrade or you are selling on this website, the steps are simple. Your equipment must be graded and sent over for assessment before they are listed on the site. You will receive a quote from the sales team and from there you can decide if the trade-in or sell if good for you or not.

Click on the sell/trade option to get started. On the drop-down menu, enter the equipment that you are interested in and that which you are selling or trading in.

The pricing of camera bodies and lenses are listed individually. If you are looking to trade-in, you are required to provide the precise SKU numbers for you to get what you want.

Important to note is that, if the SKU you list is sold before your booking has been confirmed, a similar item will be added to your cart. It is crucial to double-check the order once your reservation has been verified to ascertain if it is the same things that you picked or replacements.

Your equipment has to be graded before you get a quote. The grading system that they use is available on the FAQs section and it’s critical that you read through before you start the grading procedure. The equipment must be fully functional.

Additionally, you ought to know the intricate details regarding specifications and the period that the equipment has been in use. Within the UK, DPD is the recommended company to use for shipments while FedEx, DHL, and EU are preferred for international deliveries. Your equipment has to be collected or shipped to MPB if it has met the standard requirements for sale on the site.

Buying on this site is simple, just like in most online stores. All you have to do is pick the items you are interested in; add them to your cart, and checkout. Payment is made during checkout. You ought to think of the shipping charges as well and the company you would wish to use. Once these factors are settled, you can sit back and track your shipment as it comes to you.

Where is MPB based?

MPB has its headquarters in Brighton, a city in England and has an operational base in East Sussex. They also have offices in New York USA and it is functional in various countries across Europe as well. The physical and postal addresses for their offices are available on their site. If you are unable to access this information, contact the customer support team for assistance.

There are four international sites that you can use when shopping from this company, depending on your jurisdiction. USA, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom all have their websites that cater to the needs of people who live there and neighbouring countries as well.

How long does MPB take to ship?

All orders placed before 4 pm are sent out the same day but if it was placed after the operational time, then they will be shipped out the next day.

The time it takes for your items to get to you is dependent on your location and the shipping company that you pick. Deliveries to the remote areas of the UK and the other countries is expected to take longer than mainland ones. The standard delivery time is anywhere from two to five days after your booking has been confirmed and the order set for dispatch.

Saturday delivery is available for residents of mainland UK, and you can take advantage of this provision if you reside there. You can track your delivery after it has been dispatched and this will also help you know the estimated arrival time of the equipment you have bought.

Currently, MPB does not offer mailbox or PO box delivery service. The shipping rates are affordable but confirm this aspect before paying since your locale dictates how much you are charged.


MPB has made it easier for filmmakers and photographers to acquire high-end equipment for affordable rates. They can also trade in their 2nd hand gear which further lessens the cost of buying what they want. Selling on this platform is also allowed and this makes it ideal for individuals who tend to change equipment from time to time to fit the demands of their jobs.

The equipment listed for sale on this site is from leading manufacturers such as Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, and GoPro among others. Individuals or groups interested in buying, selling, or trading in on this platform are assured of good quality used cameras, lenses, and accessories from renowned designers.